Jockey Box Build – The Concept

What’s better than serving your home brew from your custom kegorator in the basement? How about serving your favorite home brew from your own custom taps in the back yard? Enter the Jockey Box Build.

From Wikipedia :

A jockey box is an insulated container containing ice and water, as well as a long coil of hollow tubing. The device is used to cool beverages being served on tap in temporary locations.

One end of the coiled tube in the box is fitted to the external supply of the beverage to be served (often moved from the supply container by gas pressure, as in the case of beer in kegs), and the other end is attached to taps for serving the beverage, which are often integrated into the box itself. Filling the jockey box with ice and water cools the coiled tubing, and when the beverage flows through the tube, the beverage is cooled to a temperature just above freezing, even if it was at room temperature before it entered the box. This allows cold drinks to be served on tap in temporary and outdoor locations.

For my Jockey Box, I plan on having two taps. I was lucky enough to pick up an eight pass plate chiller for my build, but I haven’t decided if I will use a single pass for each tap or if I will double up the passes for each tap to maximize the cooling effect. The next big piece to source is a cooler. I’ve always liked the look of the metal Coleman cooler, and was lucky enough to pick one up for free. It’s got some scratches and dents, but a quick paint job will fix that up.




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