Custom Tap Handles

After a year of using picnic taps for serving beer from the keg fridge, it was time for a change.  Time for the dual, stainless steel, Perlick tap fitted tower!  I ordered the and new beer lines from Ontario Beer Kegs.  They are excellent to deal with and keep both prices and shipping competitive.

I’m not going to get into the whole “how to build it” ordeal.  Others have done this in great detail with the same model mini fridge so I will provide the links.  It was pretty straightforward though.

  • Danby 4.4 cubic foot mini fridge without a freezer
  • piece of lexan, the same size of the door
  • two tap tower fitted with Perlick  Stainless Steel taps
  • 10 feet of 3/16″ beer line on each tap
  • 2″ hole saw
  • stainless hardware

I did make a couple of cheap and dirty hockey puck tap handles that I can share.

  • two hockey pucks ($0.99 each, Canadian Tire)
  • two threaded inserts ($2.69 each, Home Hardware)
  • chalkboard paint (leftover from another project)
  • 5/8″ drill bit

Prep the pucks by drilling a 5/8″ hole, deep enough to house the threaded insert.  Screw in the insert and there you have it – instant tap handle!  From here, you can either add a sticker (the large Brewnoser sticker fits great on a standard size puck) or add a little bit of chalkboard paint for a writeable surface.

Scuff the surface of the pucks with a fine grit sandpaper and add three coats of chalkboard paint, both sides of the puck.  Screw on to your taps and you are done.  Customizable tap handles!


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