Burger Love in Sack Vegas


The 1/2 Pounder

OK.  Who am I trying to kid.  While the chicken burger is great, it can never replace a grilled piece of beef.  The prep for our beef burgers is pretty near the same as with the chicken burgers.  Lean ground beef, bread crumbs to capture the moisture and some seasoning (Montreal steak spice is always a good choice) is all it takes.  Form up the patties as big or small as you like.  Don’t work the meat too hard – gently combine and form into patties.  This will yield a more tender burger.  Grill over high heat (600+ degrees) on a preheated grill until cooked throughout.  The outside should get some nice crispy bits and the inside will be juicy and tender.  Topped with jalapeno havarti, Moishe’s dills and sliced onion, the burger stands as a meal on its own.


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