Easter Smoked Turkey

Seems like I’m saying it again – where does the time go.  February and March have flown by.  While I haven’t stopped cooking, my smoker sat idle from Christmas to Easter.  That, however, is about to change.  I bring to you – Last Minute Smoked Turkey.

We decided to have our own turkey dinner this year.  And, right up until Easter morning, I still hadn’t decided on how I was  going to prep the traditional bird.

I picked up a fresh (well, not completely frozen) turkey, 5.6kg bird from Superstore on Easter Eve.  Fast forward to Easter Sunday – I decide to smoke it.  So, with no prep done, I rubbed the bird with some EVOO, dusted it with my standard rub and set out to prep the smoker.

I filled the Weber Smokey Mountain with two chimneys of lit coals and one unlit, as well as a couple of chunks of maple for smoke.  The turkey went on, beer can style on the lower rack, with a drip pan underneath to catch the drippings for a smoked gravy.  With the vents wide open, clay saucer heat sink in place, the WSM maintained 320 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for the next four hours – more than enough to get the oversized chicken (aka turkey) to a nice mahogany color, tender and juicy throughout.

This one is the best smoked turkey I have done to date.  No prep work, no brine … just a beer can style turkey in all it’s glory.


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