Smoked Turkey Soup

Smoked Turkey Soup

Smoked Turkey Soup

One of the advantages of a smoked turkey – leftovers!  While looking through the freezer this week, I found the smoked turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving.  It’s a perfect weekend for smoked turkey soup!

The soup is simple.  Throw all the bones, meat bits, etc. into a large stock pot, add a bay leaf or two, a couple of chopped carrots, onions and celery stalks, cover with water  and let the whole works simmer for a couple of hours.  Strain the broth from the solids with a  large colander and then pick out all the meat to use for the soup.  The rest has done its job and is ready for the green bin.  For the soup itself, peel and chop a couple of potatoes, carrots and a couple of stalks of celery.  Add salt and pepper to taste and simmer the works until the veggies are tender.  That’s it.  Awesome smoked turkey soup!


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