Shapely Thighs

A while back I did some chicken thighs.  This time around, I decided to prep them as if they were for competition, looking for bite through skin that doesn’t leave you with a flap of skin covering your chin when you take a bite.

I don’t have any prep photos, but let’s just say that it isn’t pretty.  First off, I removed and saved the chicken skins.  Next, the thighs were de-boned and trimmed of excess fat.  Since this wasn’t really for competition, just a little practice, I didn’t take the time to make each piece appear the same size.  The next step isn’t so pretty – scrape the fat off of the inside of the chicken skins until they are almost see through.  This is a messy step.  Once scraped and almost see through, I dusted the boneless, skinless thighs with some Bone Suckin’ Poultry Rub and then re-wrapped each piece with a chicken skin.  Another dose of Bone Suckin’ Poultry Rub and the thighs were ready for some smoke.

These thighs were smoked at around 275 F for 90 minutes or so with cherry wood.  As a final glaze I used Bone Suckin’ BBQ Sauce, which pairs really well with chicken.  The final result was nicely smoked chicken morsels with tender, bite-through skin.

Shapely Thighs

It was my first time using the Bone Suckin’ products.  I was happy with both the rub and the sauce, even though the sauce is a lot sweeter than I would normally use.


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