EveryDay IPA

As mentioned before, I have to credit our niece for giving me a nudge toward all grain brewing.  Last Christmas she gave me the Brooklyn BrewShop’s Beer Making Book.  The book was full of 52 all grain recipes, all based on 1-gallon batches.  After trying a couple of the recipes, I had more questions than answers, and had started on the path to all grain brewing.  In searching for answers, I found the Brewnosers, Atlantic Canada’s premier source for beer knowledge.  From there, a little research on partial mash brews finally the jump to BIAB brewing.

For my first BIAB brew, I went back to the first recipe I made from the Beer Making Book.  To quote the book, “It’s bitter but well-balanced, with a classic, bright and citrussy aroma and a strong malt backbone.”  The beer is a blend of 2-row, Crystal, Amber and Munich malts.  Hops are Columbus and Cascade giving that classic citrussy aroma.  Brew day went OK for a first time, all grain brew.  I missed my OG target by a few points, resulting in a lower alcohol brew, but even at the 5% ABV I did achieve, the beer is, in my opinion, one of the best I have made.  It has a nice copper / amber coloring, grapefruit / citrus nose, cherry-like maltiness, and nice lingering bitterness.  The beer pours clear from the tap, with a good 1/2″ of head that creates nice lacing down the glass.  This will become one of my regular go-to beers and with a little experimentation, I should be able to hit the targets a bit better next time!

EveryDay IPA

  • Measured OG: 1.053 SG
  • Measured FG: 1.015 SG
  • Calculated ABV: 5%
  • Target IBU: 42.7
  • Target Color: 9.6 SRM
EveryDay IPA

EveryDay IPA – Missed the targets by a bit , but still a great beer!


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