Propeller Bohemian Style Pilsener

Bohemian Style Pilsener by Propeller

I was looking for something a bit lighter to sip on while smoking some pork loin for supper.  While browsing the shelves at the NSLC, I found an old favourite, Propeller Bohemian Style Pilsener.  The beer has a clean, crisp taste, with mild bitterness and is a great addition to any sunny Sunday afternoon!  Below is the description, taken directly from the Propeller web site:

Propeller Bohemian Style Pilsener, is a refreshing brew in the classic lager style of Bohemia. Made with a blend of Canadian and European malts and prized Noble hops, Propeller Bohemian Style Pilsener displays classic Euro-lager characteristics: a slightly sulphurous nose, distinctive Continental hop aroma, a light malt sweetness and a refreshing bitter finish.”

For Beer Geeks

  • IBU’s- 27
  • Hops- Spalt.
  • Malts- Pale, Pilsen.
  • Water- Soft
  • Colour-  2.1°L
Propeller Bohemian Style Pilsener

Propeller Bohemian Style Pilsener (Excuse the Sleeman's glass. Didn't have appropriate Propeller glassware.


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