Super Bowl Snacks

What is Super Bowl Sunday without snacks?  This year – bacon wrapped sausage, smoked chicken and smoked almonds.

Boneheads BBQ has recently been touting their DoinkBalls … donair meatballs wrapped in bacon.  They look and sound delicious.  So, I figured we could do our own version based on whatever I could pick up at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market.  The result – bacon wrapped spicy Italian sausage.  Both the bacon and sausage are from the Getaway Meat Mongers.  The bacon wrapped sausage turned out great.  How could you go wrong with two layers or pig?

Drumsticks rubbed and ready

Drumsticks rubbed and ready

Bacon Wrapped Sausage

Bacon Wrapped Sausage - Prepped for the WSM

Sausage balls and chicken drumsticks

Sausage balls and chicken drumsticks - the smells out on the back deck are incredible

For the almonds, we took 4 cups of plain almonds and tossed them with a 1/4 Cup melted butter and 2 TBSP of BBQ rub.  I was really surprised at how a bit of smoke and spice completely changed the plain almonds.  Delicious.

Smoke Roasted Almonds

Smoke Roasted Almonds

With all the outdoor cooking, you always need a bit of brew to keep you company.  Today it was Port in the Storm Porter from Sea Level Brewing.  The roasted malt and hop bitterness really come through in this well done porter.

Port in the Storm Porter

Port in the Storm Porter (excuse the Guinness glass)

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday, wherever you are!


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