First All Grain Brew

My first all-grain, 1-gallon test batch went pretty well over the weekend.  Using a recipe from the Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Book tweaked to suit the readily available ingredients from Noble Grape, I was ready.

Armed with a couple of gallons of water, a bag of grain, brew pot, and a propane burner, I mashed, sparged and boiled, hoping to get something resembling an Extra Special Bitter at the end of the day.  What surprised me was the amount of liquid that had boiled off during the hour boil, reducing from somewhere between 5-6L down to approximately 1.5L.  I may have to boil a bit more gently for future batches.  After measuring the SG, I think I missed my “Extra Special” part of the bitter and will mostly likely end up with something along the lines of an Ordinary Bitter, in the 4% ABV range.

Overall, the first all grain, one gallon batch was a good experience, good enough to repeat again next weekend with a single hopped IPA recipe.  I figure that a couple of hours invested in a hobby on a Saturday afternoon is time well invested.  The ultimate goal now will be to refine my process, measure my results and eventually move up to two gallon all grain batches, mixed with full 23L partial grain / extract based batches.

Beer Stats:

Style: Extra Special Bitter

  • Target SG: 1.053
  • Target FG: 1.010
  • Target ABV: 5.7%
  • Target IBU: 41.5
  • Measured SG: 1.042
  • Measured FG: 1.014
  • Calculated ABV: 3.7%

While the resulting SG, FG and ABV did not meet the targets, the flavour was there at bottling time.  Another two weekes in the bottle for conditioning, and hopefully we end up with a great tasting, sessionable brew.


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