Bottling Day – Ordinary Bitter

Things are still too busy to take the time to spark up the smoker, but it is bottling day.  The beer has been sitting in the carboy for almost three weeks and has really settled out.  From start to finish for 500ml bottles, everything is done and cleaned up after 2 hours with no rushing around.  Another three weeks for bottle conditioning and Rob and Erik’s Not So Ordinary Bitter will be ready to drink.  At 3.5% ABV, it is a light beer with lots of flavour.

As a reward for finishing up bottling, I cracked open a Best Bitter from Picaroons Brewing Company in Fredericton.  I first tried it at the Seaport Beerfest a couple of years back and still enjoy it whenever I get the chance.  The beer has a nice amber / copper color and slightly bitter hoppy finish with a bit of fruitiness coming through.  Although I served it at around 3 or 4 degrees Celsius, it shines when served around 10 or 12 degrees Celsius.

Bottling Day

Bottling Day


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