Not Your Mom’s Meat Loaf

Work has been a bit hectic over the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t had a lot of time to smoke, grill or take pictures of any food so I thought I’d go back to the archives.

When I first got my smoker, one of the easier suggestions to try was meatloaf.  So, starting out with three pounds of lean ground beef, a couple of eggs, bread crumbs, milk and assorted seasonings (mainly Montreal Steak Spice, but I’ve been experimenting with some chili peppers and fennel seed as of late) I formed up a  three-pound loaf and set it in the smoker to do its thing.

For a side, I did some ABT’s (atomic buffalo turds), jalapeno stuffed with cheddar, cream cheese and BBQ rub and wrapped in bacon.  They also went into the smoker.

A few hours later, we ended up with a delightfully smoked loaf and awesome jalapeno – not too spicy but with enough kick to remind you that you were eating a pepper.

If you haven’t tried smoked meatloaf, you should if and when you get the opportunity.  I don’t think we will ever go back to oven baked loaves again.

ABT's Ready for the Smoker

ABT's Ready for the Smoker

ABT's and Meatloaf Ready to Smoke

ABT's and Meatloaf Ready to Smoke

Starting to look good!

ABT's are almost done! Time for a treat!

Meatloaf is Ready!

Meatloaf is Ready!

Sliced and ready to Go!

Meatloaf Cut and Showing its Smoke Ring


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