Man (and Boy) vs Food

Last night we decided on steak for supper.  However, these weren’t your normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill steaks.  These were prime cuts of Canada AAA Western Beef, 1.5 inches thick and weighing in at a whopping 16+oz each!.

We like our steak simple – a little bit of Montreal steak seasoning and that’s it; no sauce, no rub.  With the grill preheated to somewhere in the 600 to 700 degree range, the steaks seared and cooked to a perfect rare (and a little closer to medium rare for the boy).

We served the steak with grilled sweet potato discs, roasted sweet onion, butter fried mushrooms and grilled garlic baguette.  Unfortunately, in this battle of Man (and Boy) vs. Food, Food came out as the clear winner.

Striploin Dinner

Man & Boy vs Food ... Food won.


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