Ordinary Bitter

With my significant other away for the weekend, it’s a great time to boil up a batch of home brew to enjoy around the Christmas season.  One of my favourites to do is “Rob & Erik’s Not So Ordinary Bitter”, available from Noble Grape.

First made available in from the Noble Grape in 2009, this particular brew took second place in the 1st Annual Garrison Brewery Ultimate Brew-Off.  The lucky winner had a limited batch brewed at the brewery, but in this case, the second place winner got to live on through a beer kit at the Noble Grape.  As an extract based recipe, it is easy to reproduce at home with minimal equipment.

The beer itself is a light copper in color with smooth taste and a mild hop finish, not overpoweringly bitter.  Because of its light color and taste, it is a great summer brew, but I like it year ’round, especially with BBQ or grilled burgers and steak.

Brew day went off without a hitch, since I had my trusty assistant.  I’m not sure if it is right to be including our 8 year old in the process, but I liken it to a science / chemistry class.  I’m guessing that we will have a bit of explaining to do if he tells his teacher that beer is the byproduct of yeast’s digestive system and carbon dioxide is caused by yeast ‘passing gas’.  In any case, six weeks from now I will be enjoying some great bitter and crossing my fingers that I don’t have to explain to the school why my 8 year old knows the brewing process from malted barley to final bottling.

Not So Ordinary Bitter

Brew Day - on the way to making beer!


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