Pulled Pork

After visiting Boneheads BBQ a few weeks back, we (I) got the urge to do a bit of pulled pork for ourselves.  For the pork, I had a 4.5 pound piece of boneless shoulder in the freezer and picked up another 3 pound bone-in piece at the store.  I also picked up some no-name briquettes from Superstore on clearance so I thought it was a good chance to try these out.

I prepped the smoker with 10-12 pounds or briquettes and 5 chunks of maple from the back yard.  While the chimney was doing its thing lighting up a handful of briquettes, I rubbed the pork with a generous layer of our homemade BBQ rub.

After 12+ hours at somewhere between 230 and 260 degrees, the pork was moist, tender, and smelled AWESOME!  The bark was well formed and smoke ring got in around a 1/4 inch.  After an hour or so resting period, we shredded the pork and served with homemade mac & cheese, homemade BBQ sauce, some great cast iron skillet corn bread and home brewed English pale ale.  Supper was awesome with enough pork left over for another feed in a few weeks as well as a little reserved to add to a pot of chili.

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork with Mac & Cheese and Corn Bread


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