Smoked Peppers

My father’s garden yielded a couple dozen beautiful red jalapenos.  I couldn’t resist smoke-drying them and turning them into wonderful smokey and spicy chipotle powder.

After the peppers were washed and patted dry, I removed the stem and split them down the middle, ready to accept a bit of smoke.  I figured a few hours at somewhere between 150 and 200 degrees should do the trick.  I put the peppers on a drying rack and threw them in the smoker with a few lit coals and some chunks of maple wood for smoke.

After 10 hours the peppers were sufficiently smokey and ready to be finished off in the oven.  They smelled great!  Once they were completely dry, I ground them into a fine powder, ready to be added to my BBQ rubs and chili.

Smoked Jalapenos

Smoked Jalapenos - Start to Finish


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