Sometimes simplicity is best, especially after a busy weekend.  In this case, simple grilled brats from Sweet Williams Country Sausage at the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market.

We had a great time on the town Saturday night with an awesome pulled pork / brisket combo plate at Boneheads BBQ, the Mooseheads beating Quebec in overtime (with Patrick Roy complaining to the referees about the crowd behind the bench), wings and nachos at Bubba Rays while watching the Leafs beat the Habs in OT and finally an awesome breakfast at Laura’s Cafe.  A quick trip to the market for some bread and brats and an afternoon watching my nephew play football filled out the weekend.

Supper needed to be simple, so I grilled the brats and served them with a bit of spicy mustard, roasted potato wedges and a brown ale – a fine meal at the end of another beautiful fall weekend.

Brats & Beer

Brats & Beer


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