Jockey Box Build – The Parts List

Now that I have all the bits and pieces gathered to complete the project, I thought I’d share the parts and tools list.

Jockey Box Parts
Coleman Cooler
Cooler drain plug
Cooler handle
Cold plate with connectors (thanks Nash)
Taps and shanks (Everwood Ave Brew Shop)
Pass through shanks and spacers for the incoming beer lines (thanks Ken from Beer Tech)
Beer line (Everwood Ave Brew Shop)
Ball lock (Pepsi) liquid connectors
Stainless Hose Clamps (10) (Princess Auto)
Flare nuts with barbs
Stainless steel screws (#10×1/2″)

Tools and Supplies
Safety glasses
Miscellaneous screwdrivers
Paint scraper
Angle grinder with brass wire wheel
Palm sander
Cordless drill
Hole saws (1.3/8″ and 7/8″)
Rotary tool with grinding, sanding and polishing attachments
Primer, black, sandable (2)
Paint, Tremclad Black Hammered Finish (2)
Miscellaneous shop supplies (sandpaper (150, 220, and 320 grits) polishing compound, waterproof spot putty)
Adjustable wrench
Beer faucet wrench

With the warmer weather last week, I was able to get the cooler painted. Now that the paint has cured, hopefully I will get it assembled on Saturday.

Jockey Box Build – Cleaning the Cooler Hardware

The metal hardware for this cooler is limited to the hinges as well as the main clasp on the front of the cooler. Both sets of chrome plated hardware were tarnished and showing bits of rust. I used a brass wheel on my Dremel tool for the initial cleaning. Some polishing compound on a cloth wheel for the Dremel brought some life to the old chrome plating. A final buff with a clean cloth finished the job. The hardware isn’t perfect, but is good enough for this Jockey Box. We will reattach the hardware with new stainless steel screws.

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